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Your home won’t make a very effective shelter unless your roof is in tip top shape, and Element Exteriors is just the roofing contractor in the Washington County, Minnesota and St. Croix County, Wisconsin area to keep your roof in the best shape possible all year round. Deteriorated and damaged roofs can lead to exterior problems, interior water damage during storms, higher energy bills, and other issues. To ensure your roof is always in the best condition possible to protect your home and your family from the elements, our recommendation as a roofing contractor in Washington County, MN and Croix County, WI is that you should have your roof inspected at least twice a year – preferably in the spring and fall.

Even if your home is only a one story single family home, you should not attempt to inspect the exterior of your roof without appropriate safety gear to reduce the risk of falling. You can get a good idea about when it’s time to call Element Exteriors for roofing repairs by conducting an interior inspection of your roof by going to your attic and looking for signs of water damage, dark trails from the roof, areas where the roof is sagging, and areas where light shines through. If you notice these signs from the interior of your home, you should call Element Exteriors to perform a complete exterior inspection of your roof. One of our roofing installers will survey the damage and offer a reliable quote for the cost of potential repairs so you have a good idea of what you can expect to spend before any work is done.

Element Exteriors is a professional roofing contractor in Washington County, MN and St. Croix County, WI that will not only conduct roofing inspections but also repair and replace roofs of any size. With our extensive experience as a roofing contractor in Washington County, MN and St. Croix County, WI, we can repair and install both shingle roofs and metal roofs.

We also roof low sloped and flat roofs – which are generally popular in commercial applications – but they can be installed in residential applications, as well. Low sloped and flat roofs are generally preferred when clients need a flat surface area to house industrial equipment like HVAC units and other pieces of sensitive equipment placed on the roof. Since it wouldn’t be wise to put the equipment on an incline, a low slope or flat roof is more conducive to rooftop placement. Some people, on the other hand, just like the way they look.

Because they drain more slowly than traditionally sloped rooftops, low sloped and flat roofs can be prone to pooling, which is why it’s important to maintain and inspect your low slope or flat rooftop on a regular basis.

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